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 » Buy Access To HackGh Fbt/Cheats, Mybet Hack, Dstv Hack and Others » 

Buy HackGh Proxy Cheat For Free Browsing (Ghana Only)

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First topic message reminder :

Buy HackGh Proxy Cheat For Free Browsing (Ghana Only)

1.  HackGh Proxy Cheats Package    Price - ¢200 HackGh Proxy Cheats is a procedures to configure your Phone or Pc using proxy to access unlimited data and speed you can use for unlimited downloads like, videos, software's, movies, series and more without buying credit on your sim card.. this means you will use 0.00 balance to browse and download anything you wont. Unlimited internet access at you finger tips. Now no need to disconnect your modem when sleeping or busy. you can just leave you downloads on and sleep. It has 1-2mb of speed when downloading.

The cheats have been carefully written with pictures(screen shots) to guide you to setup your computer. laptop and phone to start browsing free, its quiet simple to follow the procedures to setup your device.  

NB: Remember Proxy Cheat work for browsers and download managers only.. Visit every site and download any data you wont. Recommended for heavy data use uses to download movies, series, Youtube videos without restrictions of whatsoever.

Visitor and Guest Should Register First

1. Register For A Username and Password at HackGh

Note: If you have any issue registering with the forum, just call us on 0240953475 and we will register a username and password for you...

2. Pay in Ghana with MTN Mobile Money

You can make MTN Mobile Money payments either at a merchant or by your self if you have subscribed for this service. Use the following procedures to make payments On the Phone (SAT)


1. On the Mtn Phone Menu

Go to MyMTN                                                                                      
Select MobileMoney
Select Transfer Money
Select Subscriber
Enter Mobile Number 0240953475 and select OK, ( Repeat the number again and select OK)
Enter the amount eg 50 (* this means ¢50 ) select OK
Enter a suitable Reference (eg  kobby98) Use the username at HackGh and select OK
Confirm payment details  select OK
Enter your MobileMoney PIN and select OK

You will receive an SMS advice after a successful payment.

Some registered Mobile Money subscribers do not have the above process on their phone: rather, they have the process indicated below, hence, customers can always confirm which of the process they have.

1. On the MTN Phone

Dial *170#
Input 1 for Transfer Money and send/reply
Input 1 for Mobile User and send/reply
Input 2 for Subscriber and send/reply
Input 0240953475 and send/reply  (Repeat the number again and send/reply)
Input  the amount eg 50 (* this means ¢50 ) select OK
Input a suitable Reference (eg  kobby98) Use your Username at HackGh and send/reply
Input Money PIN and send/reply
You will receive an SMS advice after a successful payment

.In-case you don't have mtn line or mobile money active on your Phone,

3. Go to your nearest merchant(vendor) to make the Payments.The vendor will use the token method, just text your Token Number, Secret Code and your HackGh Username to the number = 0240953475

The Allocated HackGh Access will be Credited onto your HackGh Account within 12 - 24HRS, please exercise patience after you make you payments, As it can take a day to confirm payments.

Now refresh the Forum home page to reveal the hack you bought access to. eg  Fbt/Cheats or MyBet, Safaribet & Supabet( legitimate betting) HacK or Dstv Hack

Eg: If you payed for Fbt/Cheats Access, the hack will be accessible to you on the homepage within 24hours. there you can can find the step by step procedure and screen shots to guide you configure you computer or Phone for free Unlimited Internet Access........


Now after payment wait within 12-24HRS,

1. Go down to the very bottom of our homepage and click on the location below to reveal where the hacks are located in the forum,

2. Now inside the area, you will locate the hack you bought, below are the screenshot to guide you locate your cheats or hacks

Below is a picture(screenshot) of where the Proxy Cheat is located

Make sure you keep all the information to yourself, use it safely happy surfing and enjoy the forum......

NB:  Reading the topic and comments should help you buy, locate and configure you fbt, As always the decision to buy is always yours. If you have maid payment but still don't have access. just use the comment area to get assistance Thank you.


Hacking Is My Religion ..Hackers Inside

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Active Newbie
payment has been made for proxy cheat admin. please grant access

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Glo recharge with 1gh n deal *455# n get 1.2g n ur balance 1gh still remains.

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admin i made a payment for the browsing hack on friday and i still havent been given access.

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